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Danny Brown was a man wrongly convicted of a crime he didn’t commit over 30 years ago. After being released from prison, based on new found DNA evidence of another suspect, Danny Brown was let go with no apology, no compensation, or no admission of any wrong doing on the part of the judicial system.  Will Danny Brown ever receive justice?


If you have any information regarding the case, Sherman Preston or support please write to justicefordannybrown@gmail.com

originally posted on http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j632JBISJgs

Falsely accused | Wrongly Convicted | Shamefully Released

~ Danny Brown seeks the justice he was denied ~

Who is Danny Brown

Danny Brown is a 50 year old man who lives in Toledo, Ohio. He was wrongly convicted in 1982 of the rape-murder of a woman with whom he had a casual acquaintance. Danny served 19 years for a crime he did not commit.
Danny maintained his innocence throughout the investigation and trial, even to the point of rejecting a plea-bargain that could have freed him after serving one year in prison. Throughout the trial, his belief in the ultimate triumph of truth gave him confidence that he would be vindicated.

There was no physical evidence connecting Danny to the crimes, and circumstantial evidence was riddled with holes. However, a six-year old boy’s inconsistent, often-contradictory testimony was enough to convince a jury to convict Mr. Brown of aggravated murder.

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Our Supporters

Right the wrong

It'd be nice if they would finally just admit they made a mistake. This has gone on for way to long and Danny Brown deserves all of his life back, which includes his innocence.

Right the wrongLisa ReneeBlog Curator at Glass City Junglewww.glasscityjungle.com
Hooda Thunkit

"the Lucas County Prosecutor's Office continues to consider Danny Brown a suspect in the murder of Bobbie Russell, while simultaneously continuing to deny him a retrial."

Denial is more than a river in Africa.

Denial, stalling, ignoring the obvious, they (the Lucas County prosecutor’s office) will use these tactics to deny Danny Brown his due, just when you would expect them to intervene on his behalf and do what's right.

This story of ego and injustice is truly sad…

Dave ZawodnyRetiredhttp://is.gd/YXDAI5
True Strength

I see you all the time outside the court house, I am so amazed at your strength to endure this Danny you are one very smart strong man, I don't know you personally but I see from the blog here that you have been dealt a great injustice, I know you can't get back those lost years you spent in prison, But ou deserve an apology from the city of toledo and the prosecuters and judges who wrongly convicted you, I support you 100% in what you are doing, I will make sure to tell my friends everywhere to visit your page on here and get you more supporters. Good luck And God bless.

True StrengthBrandyAbuToledoManufactoringhttp://is.gd/XdYEQ8

"Im sorry" are the sincere words spoken by God fearing individuals and systems of power when they have committed a wrong against one of their own! Toledo's system of Injustice does not view African Americans as their OWN; therefore, I pray that the God of my understanding touch the hearts and minds of those continuing to uphold this injustice!

Very nice man

I met Danny Brown for the first time in my life today on the bus on my way to school. He was a very polite and humble person. It is a shame that we have a system that intend to correct people for doing wrong but yet refuses to be corrected themselves when wrong. God is watching everything! Those of you who refuse to grant forgiveness or justice to the underpriveleged will be judged by those actions on judgement day. If this man is innocent then free him and accomodate him his just due. Remember God's word! Vengance is mine said the Lord! Beware! That those of you who hold this man's fate do not bring curses upon you family!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Very nice manYupraeBlog Commentorhttp://is.gd/pWUGit